You probably do not think this is important.

Maria Lindström has helped over 1000 people to make the changes they want. Maria works with elite athletes but also in the business world. Maria has been a professional tennis player and participated in the Olympic Games.

You probably do not think this is important.

By: Maria Lindström

You probably do not think this is important.

It starts with others praising you for the results you do.

A well-meaning environment elevates your performance and you like the feeling the attention gives you. You are seen and maybe even a little "adored" when you perform.

Unconsciously, you start making a connection. The connection leads to a thought that then becomes your "chosen truth". It reads:

"When I perform and make results, I have value."

And you want to feel valuable and you want to be seen.

So you keep performing but eventually feel more and more pressure.

Because it is no longer about competing against others and measuring what you stand for - you are afraid of losing something much more.

Not just success. Not just the prize money it might be about. 

You're afraid of not being ok as you are if you do not win. And no matter how it sounds, you are afraid of losing your human value. 

Competing with that high stakes certainly does not benefit your results.

Our principles and truths guide us. 

No event or thing has an inherent value in it self - you put that value through your own truths and principles. Two people can look at the same event and have two completely different perceptions.

When it comes to our chosen truths and principles, it is important to know:


  1. They control your life - consciously and unconsciously.
  2. Outdated and no longer useful truths can be changed. You need to be more "source critical" and see which ones suit you.
  3. Be careful to choose which truths you want to live by - so that no one else paints your canvas and pulls the threads that are your life.

When you yourself 100% know that you are ok regardless of your results - it will unleash inspiration and creativity out in the arena.

När tävling inte längre handlar om ditt värde som person är friheten att våga mycket större. När du vet att du värderas lika högt oavsett resultat –  spelar du med en helt ny energi. 

When you master dissolving this old truth in a fast way - you can continue to compete in your sport but with a completely different flow and power than before.

Simply be determined devoted to your own worth no matter how you perform. 

Are you willing?

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