Do You Want Better Sports Results?

Master the Art of Having a Powerful Mindset


12 Weeks coaching program

Confidence Upgrade

How to get amazing self-confidence without being drained by fear, excessive nervousness and frustration. That way, you can compete consistently at your ACTUAL level

Top - Focusing

Clarity in how to get to your winning focus. You need a clear plan so that you can reach your goals in the fastest way, without distractions and unnecessary detours.

Mistake shift

How to get back on track quickly after making a mistake or playing badly. You change your attitude so that you do not retain a bad feeling of frustration and mistrust. You have a good attitude in times of adversity.

Elite athletes 2:0

Good elite athletes have more clarity in who they are (traits and principles) and what you want (their goals) We will design your new sports identity so that you achieve your goals

Master the art of having a powerful mindset and you will compete at your highest level

Maria Lindström 

12 weeks coaching program

  • Without a shadow of a doubt, you will compete - not just train - at your highest level.
  • Feel confident that you can compete at a high level and do it consistently. 
  • Vinna mer och uppnå din dröm. 
  • Compete at a high level when it's really tough.
  • Be able to create a good state of mind
  • You can change your attitude by consciously having a different focus.

Step 1- Learn the correct mindset tool

While we work together, you not only get mindset tools but you get the ones that are most important to you. You get your unique tools. 

Practical tools that make the "needle" move in the right direction in the fastest way.



Step 2 - Time to integrate the tools

Knowing which mindset tools are best for your particular unique situation - is not the whole puzzle. You need to be able to use the tools when it gets tough during competitions.

An important part I help you with is to integrate what you have learned so you get it out in matches and competitions.



Step 3- Tweak for new experiences

You will have access to my expertise for 12 weeks. I will teach you new things, help you implement and motivate you to better levels in the sports arena.

Sometimes small tweaks are needed that will make a huge difference to your results.


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Start training your mindset today.

If you train a few minutes a day, you can start making changes in the sports arena. Here are 7 top tools for better mindset for elite athletes.