Maria Lindström has helped over 1000 people to make the changes they want. Maria works with elite athletes but also in the business world. Maria has been a professional tennis player and participated in the Olympic Games.

Stop believing that the results is the change you need in order to feel good

By: Maria Lindström

Stop believing that the results are the change you need to feel good


I shudder when I think that my value depends on what I achieve. There must be something more. 



Something deeper that takes us away from the race that the value as human beings - lies in the results we achieve. Where the missed results do not destroy your value as a human being. 



If winning and losses are criteria that define you as a human being - when did you start believing that rivet?


When the break in the sports arena does not come, it builds confidence in your capacity. But even worse - it eats up your faith in yourself as a human being.


Missing results are gradually intertwined - as an invisible force - with a lower value as a person.


You have connected - good results, success, few breaks, flow - with your intrinsic value. Sports and results have become a way to show that you are worth something. 


Hard-set, you clench your fists for another competition, but inside you feel worthless.


With a sense of despair, low self-esteem and low energy, you wonder how you could lose your power so fatally


You love your sport, you are good at it but nothing works and you feel leached out.


One resort, of course, is to stop exposing yourself. To not stand on the "stage" and quit. The freedom it temporarily gives you - may be worth it. No longer having to fight to perform makes you elated.


At the same time, you wonder if there is another way? Break an old inherited equation from previous generations - into a new approach that makes you feel good.


Because you want to be able to keep your value as a person no matter how you perform.


Be able to train and compete with the intensity needed but stop feeling that your value is "nada" if you do not get the results.


It is a personal development and a personal choice. 


Own your own "room and space". To stop judging yourself and others by achievement. You're simply OK - whatever happens. 


Decide why you want to compete and be good. Do it for the inspiration it gives you.


Do not do it to gain value, you are already valuable. You compete and train for the joy it gives you.


It helps that others pay attention to you for who you are and not what you do. Regardless - it's a job done by a reflective person. It's an inner attention.


Step by step you know that you are ok for who you are.


You set the tone. Creates your template for success. You march at your own drum.


This is freedom.


To stop believing that the results is the change you need in order to feel good